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Our strength is our (relatively rare) combination of experience in both vineyard management and winemaking, and a precise appreciation of the link between the two.

We have always worked with small lots, in direct contact with the vineyard, and we are acutely aware of the details that make the difference between good and exceptional wine.

From our roots in Bordeaux and Burgundy to the emerging terroir of the Okanagan Valley, we continue to build an informed perspective, based on observation from the vineyard to the glass. 

Of each vine we ask, "what do you need to produce balanced, intensely flavored fruit?"

Of each wine we drink we ask, "why do you taste this way? what were the conditions that shaped your character?"

Every wine is the result of thousands of factors and decisions, only a fraction of which can be measured by science. To successfully bottle a wine at the height of its potential is the sum of these factors.

How many can we master, influence, know, imagine?


Farming first.

Grow and harvest exceptional fruit.

Create a focused portfolio of wines that are the truest possible expression of place and vintage from Okanagan terroirs.

Make small lots of vineyard-specific wines.

Strive for wines of ever greater clarity and precision. 

Maintain artisanal focus.

The same small team farms, ferments and ages the wines, and shares their work with wine drinkers passionate about Okanagan wines.